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On DatingWebsites.nl you can read reviews about all the dating sites in the Netherlands. This sites gives you an overview of opinions, experiences and possible complaints at a glance. Share your online dating experiences with other visitors and also write a review!

Datingwebsites.nl, the largest dating comparison site in the Netherlands. On this site, interested parties can not only find information about dating websites in the Netherlands and Belgium, but you can also go to consumer reviews. That way you can choose the right dating website. On this site consumers indicate what their experience is with a particular dating site. In some cases it is about positive reviews and in other cases about less positive reviews.


The various dating sites are placed on this site based on preference, sexual orientation, consumer interest, age and belief in various categories. For example, there are general dating sites, Beligische dating sites, gay and lesbian dating sites and much more. Interested parties can check which dating sites best suit them based on the categories. One not only has the possibility to read consumer reviews of the relevant website, but one can also visit the dating site directly. If the dating site appeals to the interested party, then the person can also become a direct member of such a dating site.

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Interested parties can also visit this site for reading blogs or articles. The articles are not only about dating sites, but also about how best to do online dating, tips for a first date and much more. In addition, regular actions of the various dating sites on datingwebsites.nl are also published. In some cases, for example, customers can make free use of all the functionality of a dating site for 3 days. Datingwebsites.nl also has a test functionality. By carrying out a test, one can quickly and easily find out which dating site suits him or her best.

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