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Are you a teenager and do you want to get in touch with other teenagers? Than you have to visit 'Chat Pit". Chat Pit is the number one Free Teen Chat Datingsite. 

Please enjoy some of the best online teen chat rooms on this site. The free teen chat is one of the best, and this site hopes you have fun chatting with other teens. You will find a teen Chatpit, and other chat rooms for people to chat in. There are many chat rooms for people to enjoy. It is only mandatory, that you keep the chat rooms free of racism, do not harass others. Please do not flood in our teen chat rooms.

Chatrooms are open 24 hours a day

The college teen chat does have good chatmasters on most of the time, on either invisble or a colored name. Please observe some chat rules, and no one should bann you from this chat site. Teen chatters under the age of 18 are advised to get parental permission before entering the teen chat. This site has been on the Internet for over ten years, Al the members have a lot of fun and friendly chatters that come to this teen chat site of all ages. The Chatrooms are open 24 hours a day, so you can get in touch with others during the whole day. 

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You may always try to verify a person, if you have a cam. Never be too trusting of people you meet on online chat sites. Always put your safety first, even if they have a online profile. Just because they have a picture posted online, does not mean that is the person you are chatting with. Please use your best judgement when chatting. We hope you enjoy our teen chat rooms. Have fun chatting! 

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