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Do you need a wingman to find the lover of your life? Join Wingman now!

This sites allows the wingman to make the first move/approach on behalf of their single friend. After completing the sign-up process, and having the single friend onboard - the wingman can introduce them to other singles on the app.

As the Wingman browses through profiles, and find someone they like for their friend, they make the introduction. The person approached will receive the single friend’s profile, with the wingman asking ‘Hey do you like my friend?’

If the person approached says YES and likes the single, it’s a match and all parties are notified. If not, there are no notifications.

As a single, you have the ability to browse and look for yourself, however you will need your Wingman to introduce and approach anyone on your behalf. The single has the ability to NUDGE their wingman for an introduction.

What does the app do?

This site is a matchmaking platform that enables a user to introduce a single friend to someone great. Without stigma or rejection, parties will be notified when a good match is made. We believe friends know you best and can make the best matches.

Can I be a Wingman and a Single at the same time?

Yes you can. You can sign up as a Wingman or a Single and you can change mode as you move through the app as you wish. To amend your status… Go to Menu > Wingman Team and add a Single friend or add a Wingman.

I’m married/in a relationship – can I use Wingman?

Yes because ‘its not about you’. As a wingman you are promoting your single friend and introducing them to others. The Wingman is hidden and remains that way – unless you want to become single yourself and be shown.

How do I select a possible match for my single friend?

Ensure you are in ‘wingman mode’ for that specific friend. When you find a profile like, simply swipe right or hit the 'Heart' button. That person will receive your single friends profile and can decide to say yes or no to the introduction. Your single friend will only be notified if the person says yes.


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