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Every day, thousands of people sign up for Ashley Madison to find all kinds of discrete relationships. Singles, people with a relationship, looking for something new or just curious about what the world has to offer - Ashley Madison is the most open-minded dating community in the world.

The owner of the site knows that the members are committed to their privacy - and the site also guarantees privacy. Members of this site will never be asked to log in through an account with a social network. Various functions have been designed that will make the private life of the members really private - whatever reasons of members may be.

It is also not possible to link the Ashley Madison account with another social network. Members have to use their own own email address instead (for even more discretion, it is recommended to use a unique email adress only for this account).

Members have complete control over what information people can see! If you want to stand out by showing a broad smile? Awesome! But if you like more mystery, you can use the blur or masking tools. And for even more discretion, you can tag photos as private, so only members you have an eye on can view your photos.

It can be daunting to find a full inbox. We help you manage your time and connections with our Quick Reply function. If you receive too many winks or favorites, you can easily let those members know that you would be happy to respond to a real message. This means you spend less time writing to people who may not be the best match for you and you have plenty of time to find the discreet relationship you are really looking for.

You can also strengthen the excitement of traveling to another city by meeting new people. With the Traveling Man and Traveling Woman functions you can make connections even before you have packed your suitcase. Send messages to members in another city beforehand to join your work with relaxation. Excited!! Enjoy Ashley Madison Datingsite right away. 

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