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Veggie Vision Dating is the best Online Free Vegan, Vegetarian Dating Website in the UK. Looking for best free online vegan or vegetarian dating website in the UK? Visit, we help you find your perfect date online. Sign up for free.

Veggie Vision Dating is the place to connect, date and find love with like-minded vegetarians and vegans. Sign up now and join the veggie dating community! This site was set up after so many people asked passionate vegan Karin Ridgers how they could meet likeminded vegans and vegetarians.

She teamed up with the world leaders in online dating as she only wanted the best for fellow vegans and vegetarians  and after these super online dating experts approached her as they loved VeggieVision TV so much. The technology cost over £4 Million and is mobile friendly too.

To support, the owner of the site runs free speed dating events at the VegFest’s and have received incredible feedback. Each event has sold out with waiting lists. They have been asked to run more speed dating events and offers everyone who takes part free memberships to

Now, why should a single vegetarian join over other sites….? The key difference here is that you aren't lost in a crowd of people who you definitely aren't going to date. Everybody on this site is vegetarian and vegan and they want to date other vegetarians.

If people go to a general site, firstly they are in a large pool of people probably aged 18-90, from all walks of life, with many different interests. Now, imagine those people were all in a football stadium and you were all looking for a date. How many would you need to talk to to find ones that matched your interests and beliefs? At this dating site, the owner have done the narrowing down for its members to quite a considerable extent.

Yes, you can probably search for vegetarians on other sites however not everyone completes their 'interests' fields on dating sites. In fact, general online dating industry standards would support the belief that very few will complete their interests, aside from very basic information. Therefore, the pool is reduced straight away and people will be missed.

On this site, members have already told the owners that they are vegetarian!

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