Chat with strangers

Chat with strangers

October 18, 2018

Some people ask themselves if it is save to chat with strangers on a datingsite. Some people think that you have to start somewhere and that chatting wit a stranger is all in the game. Others think that chatting with a stranger can be very dangerous because you can chat with someone who pretends to be a good looking 18 year old boy but in real life he is an old rapist. Here are some do's and dont's which one can take into account when chatting with strangers. The first advise is that you start with a secure website where you can chat with strangers from behind your computer in your own home instead of looking for strangers in real life.


Never share your personal information with a stranger. This means that you never share your home address, your mobile number or the school where you yourself or your children are going on the internet. Even your last name is excluded. When you are violently chatting with a nice person, it is difficult to control yourself and want to talk about yourself as much as possible. Keep personal information private and chat about fun activities or hobbies ...

Do not download anything that you do not know about. An unknown file, photo or video can cause serious damage to your computer; there are more unfair people around the world than honest ones. Remember that you never really know who you are chatting with, so opening a received file is completely out of the question.

Do not feel compelled to chat about a topic where you feel uncomfortable or threatened. Do not forget that online chatting should be a fun activity. If a bad topic comes up, immediately leave the chat room. You still retain control over your own computer.

Do not post photos of yourself, if someone wants to see your face, it can go in the wrong direction very quickly.



There are many weird people in the world, we should not lose sight of the fact that not everyone has bad intentions. If you get to know someone with the same interest, the same preferences in restaurants or someone who also watches a certain TV show. Keep the conversation on these fun topics and common interests.

Keep an open minded and listen carefully to your chat friend. Everyone needs friends, you can be his or her friend as well as in the opposite direction. Talking to strangers can develop very quickly in a close friendship where you chat for hours every night.

Try out different sites that hold your personal vision of paramount importance. Many dating sites have the necessary supervision and controls to remove people with bad intentions. On popular dating sites you can assume that you have a sincere person for you.

Always follow your bend, in 99% of cases this will be the correct answer. Your gut feeling will ultimately protect you from the evil someone else wants to do to you. You will be amazed at how accurate that feeling can be.

Talking to strangers does not always have to be a nightmare. By following the tips above you are already better protected than most chatters in the world.

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