Reasons to have sex on your first date

Reasons to have sex on your first date

October 18, 2018

You are very excited, because youre gonna have your first dates in a few hours or minutes. On the one hand you are nervous and on the other hand you want to know everything of the other person. "Should I have sex on my first date or should I wait?" or "Am I a slut if I have sex on my first date or not" are question that can pop up in you as a women if you are going to have a first date with a total stranger or with someone you know, but you want to take a friendship to another level. Say goodbye to your slut fear. From now on, you no longer doubt whether you can dive on your date during the first meeting. 

Let's test! 

Why first three times to date to find out later that he does not bake anything in bed. You have to know what kind of meat he has in his - eh - tub. You may want to take a test drive before you make your decision. 

Your biggest fantasy

Wild sex with a still relatively unknown is one of the biggest sex fantasies of women. Is it also your naughty dream? Why shouldn't you go for it? You only live once, some would say. 

Unprecedented attraction

You both noticed it since the moment you introduced yourself to each other. The sexual tension between you is to cut. And everyone knows that too much tension is bad for your health. So you have to lose that tension in one way or another. Check here how you find out whether he wants sex too. He drew a long time and you have no click whatsoever, he is a primal person or does not want to be steadfast. In short: it will not be between you. However, he is wildly attractive and you have not had good sex for a while. Coincidentally he also feels like you. Skip the dessert and enjoy it at home. Please read first what the do's and don'ts are for an onenigh stand. 

It always good to do what your heart says and remember "everything is allowed, nothing has to be done". 

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