Tips for the perfect first date

Tips for the perfect first date

October 17, 2018

Do you need a little push on your first date? Most people don't know how to act on a first date, some are nervous and some want to cancel the date. After all, it is one of the most exciting moments in your life. Red cheeks, nervousness, a knot in your stomach, sweating: they are all symptoms of a first date. It is a crucial moment in your life and should certainly not be underestimated. In the following there are some tips that may be helpfull for a first date. 

Do NOT go to the cinema

It is first and foremost cliché to go to the cinema on the first date. Furthermore, it's just not a good idea, because you're staring at a big screen for more than an hour. In the meantime all those emotions are constantly racing through you. Finally, you want to know the person with whom you date better and that is not the case if you only sit next to each other and can not say anything.

Be on time

This is an absolute must! If you are already half an hour late on your date, this is not really good. You also risk that the person has already gone a long time and then you are there clean, completely dressed up. So think again whether it is really necessary to put so much time in your hair. Men, that goes for you too!

Make a good impression

You may spend a bit of time in your appearance, but do not overdo it. You obviously do not want to come across as fake. If you need something longer to get up to, plan this well in advance. Not only how you look is important, but also your attitude and what you say during the date is equally crucial. Do not judge too quickly, be polite and show interest in the person. 

Perform a light and pleasant conversation

What on earth do you have to say on a first date? With some people the conversation is a little easier than with others. Prevent the conversation from becoming an interview, in other words: do not bombard your date with questions. The chance that the person pulls off becomes larger in this way. Feel free to ask a few questions so that you are interested, but keep the conversation airy. 

Share account

As a man, it is not at all rude to pay the bill. If you, as a woman, may find this somewhat old-fashioned, you can also suggest sharing the bill. In this way you both do not get stingy or spoiled. 

Leave a little mystery behind

It is important that you position yourself in a vulnerable and honest way. You do not have to tell everything, but also leave a little mystery behind. Your date will find these features very attractive and he or she will want more of you. 

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